Motif (Actress Remix)

Teengirl Fantasy – Motif (Actress Remix)

IT TOOK A minute for jazner to warm up to Actress, the stoic, enigmatic project of Darren Cunningham, who recently put out one of 2012’s most celebrated LPs, R.I.P.,on Honest Jon’s.

The music isn’t easily digestible, isn’t geared for the dancefloor by any means, nor for any peak time sets.

Instead, Actress is cerebral, introspective, hazy, hypnotic, and part of a larger, in-depth narrative. His live set at DEMF took the audience on a journey, much like his previous 3 LPs (Hazyville, Splazsh, R.I.P.) do.

Once you let go of the club aesthetic and dive into the depths of your inner conscience, you’ll find Actress waiting with a pair of headphones and a blunt, ready for a tantric journey to unexplored realms of your soul.

Enter “Motif”, a track off the forthcoming Teengirl Fantasy LP on R&S, which Actress remixed, putting a dark, pounding techno shroud on T.F.’s normally poppy aesthetic.


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