Nguzunguzu – “Delirium”

JUNE GLOOM IS casting its gray shroud across Los Angeles, but there is a bright spot.

Nguzunguzu is prepping their latest EP, Warm Pulse, out next month on Hippos In Tanks, and the duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda have revealed the first streaming track, “Delirium”, that goes. Big time.

As always, the first element to speak to jazner is the universal language of bass. The low-end on “Delirium” is massive, fitting cleanly with the undulating, crisp snare & hi-hat trickles. The toy piano melody gives the track an eerie tone, mixed with siren samples and the token gunshot blast that call to Nguzunguzu’s roots with Fade To Mind and it’s parent label across the sea, Night Slugs.

Warm Pulse is definitely one to look forward to in the coming weeks. Hop over to the Hippos In Tanks site for more on how to git yr copy.


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