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Secret Stash, Vol. 4

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Dez Andrés – “As We Rock On”

ANYONE THAT KNOWS jazner IRL knows he is a Michael Jackson fanatic, so you can imagine the excitement that overtook him when he stumbled on the last Beats In Space show featuring Detroit luminary Andrés.

Already responsible for one of 2012’s anthems in “New For U“, Andrés dusted off an older classic and blew the roof off WNYU with “As We Rock On” a sly, smooth, & spacey reinterpretation of Jackson’s essential “Rock With You”, which came out on Spills back in 2011.

Somewhere between a remix and an edit, Andrés reimagines one of the greatest dancefloor songs of all time with respect and tact. It’s not easy to mess with MJ, and many have failed trying, yet Andrés balances many disparate elements and comes with out with the prefect groove. Just enough vocals in just the right places, the familiar whir of UFO-esque whistle, the soft rhythmic synth tones and steady beat of the drums all make for a track worth adding to your wax collection.

Head over to Tim Sweeney’s site and listen to the whole Beats In Space show, and tune in every Tuesday night to catch more essential cuts at the forefront of dancefloor perfection.


Planet Freak

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IN THE HEART of Los Angeles hiding in plain sight is Freak City, an underground institution that transcends common characterization.

dublab puts it best when trying to account for all of Freak City’s grey area. It’s not just a retail store, although you can find one of a kind vintage 80s and 90s threads like Oakland Raiders overalls and hologram Tupac chains. It’s not just a venue, yet its towering three-story labyrinth can and has housed epic late night renegades, the likes of Brenmar, Samo Sound Boy, Dâm-Funk, Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover taking the stage at 3-sumthins in the morning, playing out til the sun rises. And it’s not just a collective, but the members who make Freak City go all have a hand in the arts, whether they be music, performance, or visually oriented.

“Planet Freak”, directed by Jon Clark and Severiano Martinez, reveals the disparate elements that amalgamate to form Freak City, from the neon coated lighting and graffiti plastered walls, to the sounds of boogie funk, electro, the 808 and hip-hop, the fashion forward via the past stylings, and of course, getting freaky in the bathroom while raging all night.

What makes Freak City so special is that it’s organic, built from the ground up by a group of dedicated artists and visionaries trying to make their own impressions and aesthetic. It’s not about the money; it’s about the collective, the identity, and the inner freak.

If the scenery looks familiar to you, it may be from the L$D (the collab between Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Tragik) video “Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch”, seen below.

Big things are in the works from the Freak City crew – be on the lookout for new tracks, functions and fashions to drop. Til then, enjoy your stay on “Planet Freak”.


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Don’t Get Me Wrong


EARLY SUNDAY MORNING, New Zealand’s Matthew Chicoine took to his Soundcloud page to drop some summer heat on us, unleashing two new tracks, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Shimmy”, forthcoming on a yet to be announced release from Delusions Of Grandeur.

Recloose has had a solid 2012, his “Feels Like Magic” ft. B. Slade becoming a staple not only in the underground, but also earning a Best New Track nod from P4k.

The two new tracks continue the narrative, slinking between house and disco to nestle in a groove fashioned for deviance.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” is anchored by a bassline waxing and waning through disco undulations, the subtle long drawn synths and prophetic vocal snippet rounding out the edges to the dancefloor’s delight. “Shimmy” churns at a more overtly house rate, bumping up the BPMs and energy and taking the dancefloor to its next phase.

Be on the lookout for these tracks to drop on Recloose’s forthcoming EP. Til then, swim in the stream.


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Boddika, Joy Orbison & Pearson Sound – “Faint”

Joy Orbison & Boddika – “Nil (Reece)”

Boddika & Joy Orbsion – “Moist”


Boddika and Joy Orbsion have been scheming and mischievizing behind the scenes with their SunkLo imprint, creating major rumbles in the electronic world by crafting indistinguishable, highly enjoyable & addictive tunes as a collaborative team that primarily see a limited vinyl only release.

For their latest effort, Boddika and Joy Orbison tapped fellow UK royalty Pearson Sound for a three-track, highly limited 500 only vinyl run.

The three tracks, “Faint”, “Nil (Reece)”, and “Moist”, are dark & seedy, with aggressive, metallic and industrial tones, an amalgamation of house, techno, and UK bass music that come together in a unique and undefinable way.

“Nil (Reece)” is the winner here, a pounding rhythm throbbing with the pulse of the metropole, a vocal line harkening back to Joy Orbison’s classic “Ellipsis” and clanging cymbal patters keeping it wily.

Don’t sleep or begin to go weak for “Faint”, the one track that features all three artists bangs hardest of em all.

If you’re looking for more info on SunkLo, check out the Resident Advisor interview Joy O and Boddika recently teamed up for. Good luck trying to score the vinyl, though, you’ll have to hit discogs for this one.


Let’s Make Mistakes

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Let’s Make Mistakes

ALL THE BEST nights start out with the pledge, “Let’s Make Mistakes“.

Morgan Geist is the instigator of the most pleasurably regretfull mistakes, whether working under his own name, as half of Metro Area, or as his most recent project, Storm Queen.

Storm Queen only has three tracks credited to the name, but they are all ubiquitous on the dancefloor. Hearing 2011’s “It Goes On” when going out was a forgone conclusion, and 2010’s “Look Right Through” was not only one of the best tracks in 2010, but has seen new life with this year’s massive MK (Don’t Talk To Me Dub), easily one of the best tracks of 2012.

Let’s Make Mistakes” is the latest from Storm Queen, who has teamed up with mythical NYC baritone subway vocalist Damon C. Scott once again for a 12″ on Geist’s Environ Records. A smooth analog groove with a monster bassline and bobbing organ synth dropping in a quarter of the way through keeps the mood fun, foofy, and primed for summer playtime.

Gotta get the wax on this one.

Dream Luvin

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Puro Instinct – “Dream Lover”

LAST TIME WE checked in with Los Angeles group Puro Instinct, the crew had just released their debut LP, Headbangers In Ecstasy, released last February on Mexican Summer.

This week saw the premiere of the latest Puro Instinct track, “Dream Lover”, a sun-soaked tune perfect for your summer afternoon listening. Not sure exactly what is in store regarding future releases from Piper & Skylar Kaplan and crew, but it’s nice to hear the latest direction Puro Instinct is moving towards.

Drip Drop

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LOS ANGELES, 2NITE is the nite.

Come down to Verdugo Bar, yr boi jazner is going to be spinning at 10pm alongside Juj, Def Sound and Elusive.