AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION is this week, so jazner will be slowing down temporarily to make sure Lady Liberty gets her swerve on properly. That don’t mean he’s gonna leave you empty-handed tho.

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans (MK Denim Dub)”

What’s more American than a pair of blue jeans? Perhaps taking a female vocalist and giving her the MK Dub treatment. Considering his track record, Rey’s in good hands. In fact, she has never sounded better.

Sonny Fodera – “A Hit”

Bassline, bassline, bassline, and a hit sprinkled in for good nature. This track will start the party, or end it on some after hour steez.

Bo Saris – “She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)”

Eerie piano chords and a trademarked slinky dub groove come through on this remix of Bo Saris from The Three-Foot Freak aka First Lady of House aka the 1 & only Maya Jane Coles.

Huxley & Daniel Solar – “Can See”

Rounding out the explosiveness is Huxley and Daniel Solar, who come together as a smooth house force for this track, “Can See”.


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