Let’s Make Mistakes

Let’s Make Mistakes

ALL THE BEST nights start out with the pledge, “Let’s Make Mistakes“.

Morgan Geist is the instigator of the most pleasurably regretfull mistakes, whether working under his own name, as half of Metro Area, or as his most recent project, Storm Queen.

Storm Queen only has three tracks credited to the name, but they are all ubiquitous on the dancefloor. Hearing 2011’s “It Goes On” when going out was a forgone conclusion, and 2010’s “Look Right Through” was not only one of the best tracks in 2010, but has seen new life with this year’s massive MK (Don’t Talk To Me Dub), easily one of the best tracks of 2012.

Let’s Make Mistakes” is the latest from Storm Queen, who has teamed up with mythical NYC baritone subway vocalist Damon C. Scott once again for a 12″ on Geist’s Environ Records. A smooth analog groove with a monster bassline and bobbing organ synth dropping in a quarter of the way through keeps the mood fun, foofy, and primed for summer playtime.

Gotta get the wax on this one.


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