Boddika, Joy Orbison & Pearson Sound – “Faint”

Joy Orbison & Boddika – “Nil (Reece)”

Boddika & Joy Orbsion – “Moist”


Boddika and Joy Orbsion have been scheming and mischievizing behind the scenes with their SunkLo imprint, creating major rumbles in the electronic world by crafting indistinguishable, highly enjoyable & addictive tunes as a collaborative team that primarily see a limited vinyl only release.

For their latest effort, Boddika and Joy Orbison tapped fellow UK royalty Pearson Sound for a three-track, highly limited 500 only vinyl run.

The three tracks, “Faint”, “Nil (Reece)”, and “Moist”, are dark & seedy, with aggressive, metallic and industrial tones, an amalgamation of house, techno, and UK bass music that come together in a unique and undefinable way.

“Nil (Reece)” is the winner here, a pounding rhythm throbbing with the pulse of the metropole, a vocal line harkening back to Joy Orbison’s classic “Ellipsis” and clanging cymbal patters keeping it wily.

Don’t sleep or begin to go weak for “Faint”, the one track that features all three artists bangs hardest of em all.

If you’re looking for more info on SunkLo, check out the Resident Advisor interview Joy O and Boddika recently teamed up for. Good luck trying to score the vinyl, though, you’ll have to hit discogs for this one.



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