Don’t Get Me Wrong


EARLY SUNDAY MORNING, New Zealand’s Matthew Chicoine took to his Soundcloud page to drop some summer heat on us, unleashing two new tracks, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Shimmy”, forthcoming on a yet to be announced release from Delusions Of Grandeur.

Recloose has had a solid 2012, his “Feels Like Magic” ft. B. Slade becoming a staple not only in the underground, but also earning a Best New Track nod from P4k.

The two new tracks continue the narrative, slinking between house and disco to nestle in a groove fashioned for deviance.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” is anchored by a bassline waxing and waning through disco undulations, the subtle long drawn synths and prophetic vocal snippet rounding out the edges to the dancefloor’s delight. “Shimmy” churns at a more overtly house rate, bumping up the BPMs and energy and taking the dancefloor to its next phase.

Be on the lookout for these tracks to drop on Recloose’s forthcoming EP. Til then, swim in the stream.


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