Planet Freak

IN THE HEART of Los Angeles hiding in plain sight is Freak City, an underground institution that transcends common characterization.

dublab puts it best when trying to account for all of Freak City’s grey area. It’s not just a retail store, although you can find one of a kind vintage 80s and 90s threads like Oakland Raiders overalls and hologram Tupac chains. It’s not just a venue, yet its towering three-story labyrinth can and has housed epic late night renegades, the likes of Brenmar, Samo Sound Boy, Dâm-Funk, Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover taking the stage at 3-sumthins in the morning, playing out til the sun rises. And it’s not just a collective, but the members who make Freak City go all have a hand in the arts, whether they be music, performance, or visually oriented.

“Planet Freak”, directed by Jon Clark and Severiano Martinez, reveals the disparate elements that amalgamate to form Freak City, from the neon coated lighting and graffiti plastered walls, to the sounds of boogie funk, electro, the 808 and hip-hop, the fashion forward via the past stylings, and of course, getting freaky in the bathroom while raging all night.

What makes Freak City so special is that it’s organic, built from the ground up by a group of dedicated artists and visionaries trying to make their own impressions and aesthetic. It’s not about the money; it’s about the collective, the identity, and the inner freak.

If the scenery looks familiar to you, it may be from the L$D (the collab between Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Tragik) video “Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch”, seen below.

Big things are in the works from the Freak City crew – be on the lookout for new tracks, functions and fashions to drop. Til then, enjoy your stay on “Planet Freak”.


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