Secret Stash, Vol. 4

Dez Andrés – “As We Rock On”

ANYONE THAT KNOWS jazner IRL knows he is a Michael Jackson fanatic, so you can imagine the excitement that overtook him when he stumbled on the last Beats In Space show featuring Detroit luminary Andrés.

Already responsible for one of 2012’s anthems in “New For U“, Andrés dusted off an older classic and blew the roof off WNYU with “As We Rock On” a sly, smooth, & spacey reinterpretation of Jackson’s essential “Rock With You”, which came out on Spills back in 2011.

Somewhere between a remix and an edit, Andrés reimagines one of the greatest dancefloor songs of all time with respect and tact. It’s not easy to mess with MJ, and many have failed trying, yet Andrés balances many disparate elements and comes with out with the prefect groove. Just enough vocals in just the right places, the familiar whir of UFO-esque whistle, the soft rhythmic synth tones and steady beat of the drums all make for a track worth adding to your wax collection.

Head over to Tim Sweeney’s site and listen to the whole Beats In Space show, and tune in every Tuesday night to catch more essential cuts at the forefront of dancefloor perfection.


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