Why Do U Feel

Why Do U Feel

JUST IN TIME for the dog days of August, Kenny Dixon Jr. comes in full force with an end of summer sprawl jam ready to soothe listeners in the twilight of the season.

Dropping on his KDJ imprint, Moodymann presents the powerful ‘Why Do U Feel‘ EP, the title track which easily jumps to the top of year end lists.

Why Do U Feel” opens with a broken beat, undulating between Rhodes chords, sporadic drum patterns and imploring vocals. Nearly 2 minutes in we get a straight 4/4 beat, picking up the energy and accentuating a feeling of intimacy and romance that persists throughout the track, a staple of Moodymann’s sound.

At the end of the day, what makes this track so powerful is the timeless Rhodes. No matter how many times you hear it, that Rhodes sound is so pure and comforting, and once it’s woven through the fabric of Moodymann’s vocal sample, you’re left with a tapestry of sound that’ll keep you and your lover comfortable all night long.

Good luck trying to find this on wax, feel free to join jazner in the search.


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