What To Do

“What To Do”

IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT, what are you gonna do? Parisian producer French Fries has an answer for you: “Imma go 2 a social, bitch”.

Serving a heaping helping of booming ghetto house & salty bass in the form of “What To Do”, which recently saw a limited white label release along with “One Ting Dub” on ClekClekBoom, Mr. French Fries returns with another track that’ll get your night going.

You may’ve come across French Fries tracks before, the funk carioca leaning “Senta” getting rinsed in DJ circles, along with the ghetto house “Yo Vogue” and great video that accompanied the track, check it below.

What can you say about “What To Do” other than the fact that it just gets you going. Screwed vocal samples, riling bass and sharp rhythms, it’s percolating tension ready to burst on the dancefloor. Might even have to krump to this.


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