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Halloween Acid

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ACID ACID ACID. FunkinEven has been atop the game for a minute, helping to champion the 303 with such classics as “Roland’s Jam” and “She’s Acid” as both a regular member of the Eglo family as well as starting his own imprint, Apron.

Here to celebrate Halloween, FunkinEven brings us “Cha” b /w “Dracula” which will see a limited vinyl release on All Hallow’s Eve through Apron.

The video for “Dracula”, directed by Hiroo Tanaka aka Inumikaku, features our man FunkinEven creeping through the streets as Nosferatu, shrouded in red, fiending for the blood of a woman, and blanketed by that signature acid sound.




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HOUSE MUSIC FLASHBACKS seem to be all the craze these days, echoes of the past creeping in to today’s sounds making for a retro-futurism simultaneously looking back while moving forward. We’ve seen it with Bicep’s massive “Vision Of Love“, George FitzGerald’s addictive “Child“, as well as with Julio Bashmore, Huxley, Nicholas, and a number of others.

Gary McCartney aka Ejeca’s Horizon’ EP out now on Needwant is the latest example, the title track (streaming above) giving the 90s plenty of shine while keeping the groove contemporary for modern dancefloors. While Ejeca recently rose to the popular consciousness with his ‘You / Don’t’ collaboration with Bicep on Aus Music, this latest solo affair further proves his strength as a producer.

“Horizon” is full of 90s goodies, with the “Whoo” samples to the retro keys and drums. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where the sounds seem to fit appropriately in the linear scale of history – this track bumps, and that’s what’s really real.

You can grab the ‘Horizon’ EP on wax or digitally, so go.

Let’s Play

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BIG TUNE INCOMING from the enigmatic Dead Rose Music Company, who just let loose the Tonight EP on Jacques Renault’s Let’s Play House label.

While the whole EP is filled with cuts, nothing stands out quite like the title track. “Tonight” takes a sec to warm up, with a chugging kick thrusting the tune along with vocal snippets ebbing in and out and hints of keys to come. Come 2′ things start really heating up, full fledged keys raining down with phantom femme vocals and rhythm in full force. Basically, it’s a jam.

The EP rounds out with remixes from KRL and Ooft!, as well as TDRMC’s “Not Enough” – stream the whole release above.


Joy Orbison RA.331

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LEAVE IT TO Resident Advisor to track down a reclusive artist who shies away from the of press to contribute one of the most memorable mixes of the year. Joy Orbison, an artist who has always been close to jazner and was one of the first who opened him up to a whole new world of styles with his quintessential game changer “Hyph Mngo“, dropped RA.331 and it’s fucking tight.

Sure, starting off with Jeremih “Fuck U All The Time” just about guarantees instant infatuation from jazner, but there are two selections in particular from the mix that needed to be cherry picked and put on full display.

The first is a Joy O edit of Donell Jones “U Know What’s Up”, coming in around the 15′ mark of the mix. Mixing R&B vocals with a 2-step / garage beat is a classic recipe for success, at least one that will get jazner‘s ears to perk up. Makes you wonder how many of these edits Joy O is sitting on.

The second is a more downtempo jam, coming in around 2′ as the second track of the mix behind Jeremih – Damage “Love Lady (Groove Chronicles Remix)”. A groove made for the late night love zone, its swinging rhythm and vocals dripping with sensuality  guiding all riders to the bedroom for a night cap. A great track to build momentum for the rest of the mix, this one can easily stand on its own as a groove to find on wax.

Download the whole mix over at Resident Advisor, you will not be disappointed.