All That’s Jaz

CONTACT – jaznerjamz [at] gmail [dot] com

STRAIGHT OUTTA DENA, (that’s Pasadena, peeps), keeping pulse on the streets through a mix bag of left-field beats, jazner reaches out to those curious and courageous enough to hold their breath for total musical immersion.  The junior publicist at Friends Of Friends Music, jazner freelances under the alias Julian Schoen, popping up in the LA Weekly from time to time, as well as Santa Cruz’s alt-weekly Good Times and the music blog Sick Of The Radio.  He’s also been featured on Lost At E Minor and been cited multiple times on the BOBBY wiki.  Diagnosed with an inability to pause the constant tunes raging inside his head, jazner always comes ready to dance and is constantly looking for new music to get the crowd going. Contact him at jaznerjamz [at] gmail [dot] com for questions, shout-outs, or leads to new acts. Enjoy!


One Response to “All That’s Jaz”

  1. mister lonely misses you.why you no watch mister lonely yet

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