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Feel Freedom

Posted in On Notice with tags , , on November 7, 2012 by jazner

DO YOU FEEL it, America? It’s the day after the presidential election, optimism is high and there’s freedom in the air.

Actually it’s just a new song from Bicep.

The duo of Andy¬†Ferguson and Matt McBriar took to their Soundcloud and shared a new track with us, “Feel It”, stream and download available above.

If it’s one thing these guys know, it’s classic house. A slow grower that takes time to develop, “Feel It” utilizes all its different tools to come to a head midway through the track. And you know if it’s got female vocals, jazner is down.

If you’re still hungry, check out this Night Trax mix they also shared, leading head first with Sade (always a good look).


Bicep Flex

Posted in On Notice with tags , , on September 14, 2012 by jazner

AH, WORK THESE days – jazner has been on the GRIND, hence the continued lack of posts. But fear not – today, that all changes….

It’s Friday aka Fun Day, and we got a great new jam from Bicep above, “Vision Of Love”, the premier release on the groups forthcoming Feel My Bicep Records, due out September 24th.

A self-proclaimed ‘piano house’ cut, “Vision Of Love” has whiffs of vintage Chicago and New York house scenes with oldschool vibes reimagined for the 21st Century. Bicep, you may remember, is responsible for one of 2012’s hottest releases – a collaboration with Ejeca for “You” b/w “Don’t”, which came out on Aus a few months back.

For more on Bicep’s inaugural release, peep this teaser video below –