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Inc. ‘No World’ LP

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , on November 13, 2012 by jazner

THE DAY HAS come – Inc. announced details of their debut album, No World, due out February 19th on 4AD. Ringing in the news today is a beautiful new song off the LP, ‘5 Days‘, which you can listen to above.

Andrew and Daniel Aged’s Inc. has been on the radar for some time, and the news today is met with great adoration. I was lucky enough to see them a few weeks back, the crew playing all new songs, and I can say it’s definitely worth waiting for this record. All you readers out there know what to get me for my birthday on Feb. 22.

Check out the full tracklist below, and if you’re lucky enough to be in one of these cities, catch Inc. live –

No World Tracklist:

1. the place
2. black wings
3. lifetime     
4. 5 days       
5. trust (hell below)
6. your tears
7. angel
8. seventeen
9.desert rose (war prayer)
10. careful
11. nariah’s song

17th – Steel Drums, Brooklyn, NY
22nd – L’International, Paris
25th -Deviation @ Birthdays, London



Posted in On Notice with tags , , , , on September 19, 2012 by jazner

YESTERDAY SAW THE return of one of my personal favorites.

Los Angeles’ Inc. took to their website and unveiled their latest single, “The Place“, forthcoming on their soon-to-be detailed debut LP due out in 2013 on 4AD. The group, led by brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged, had been laying low the past year working on this release, and it’s nice to hear the fruits of their labor.

The Place” – sensual, dark, romantic, and subtle, it embodies Inc.’s vibe and points to exciting new tunes ahead. If you’re digging it, you can download the mp3 by joining their mailing list from the website. Will definitely have more details on the LP once it’s available. Till then, enjoy!

Suga Mama

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , , , on July 6, 2011 by jazner

TWO OUTTA THREE now floating through the interwebs, poster boys Andrew and Daniel Aged of Inc. releasing a new track, “Millionairess”, off their forthcoming 4AD EP, 3, set to drop funk b*mbs July 26th.

Sparkling synth and divine keys refract diamond glimmers on “Millionairess”‘s silver platter, the debonair Aged brothers keeping the vibe sexy and chic as they have on “Swear” and other cuts.  Slinking upright bass blurs and electric whispers add an opaque mystery of foggy fawning, infatuation blinded by a lady bankroller’s glare.

Seductive, glamorous and full of attitude, Inc. always comes through strutting with solid gold jams rich in funkiness.  “Millionairess” is settin 3 up to be a tasty summer treat.

Think Inc.

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , , , on June 10, 2011 by jazner

ONLY A WEEK removed from the release of their collaboration with Francis and the Lights, Inc. is back with a new single, “Swear”, from their upcoming EP, 3, off 4AD July 25th.

You can cop “Swear” at the crew’s website.

“Swear” demonstrates a more mature side of the crew, ditching the crackly and wonky lo-fi sound of their “Fountains/Friend of the Night” split in exchange for a stripped-down, cleaner sound.

The track glides with a steady and consistent downtempo flow heavy on the low end.  Subtle yet booming bass from Daniel Aged gives the track its footing while a stained glass organ overlays a vivid melody.  Andrew Aged’s whispery vocals leaves a frothy coat of Prince-like intimacy and sass brimming above the beat, wooing one deeper into a trance.

From Teen Inc. to Inc., jazner is always looking out for his boyz and hopes you have followed this crew’s development over the past year.  Look out for 3 to set the mood for a sexy summer of mellow funk from the Aged Bros. and company.


Fresh Inc.

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , , , , on June 3, 2011 by jazner

SASS AND SWAG abound when the funk’s thrown down in springtime in LA, giving way to “Eiffel Tower” and “Things That I Would Do”, two hot new tracks from the collaboration of Francis and the Lights and our good friends Inc.  The two groups came together in April, and after a week of recording in the studio, produced these fresh bangers.

Watch the video above and download the tracks here.

“Eiffel Tower” and “Things That I Would Do” provide a great contrast to one another, illuminating different shades and moods while maintaining a low key undercurrent of glam and swank.  The late-night wistfulness of “Eiffel Tower” paints the track as dark and introspective, leaving one “thinking about what could’ve been” as light crystalline keys, crispy drums, and stripped-down bass shower down like moonlight on a lonely cityscape.  “Things That I Would Do” flips the script, busting out strutting and showing a fiery, frenetic attitude with snarling bass, staccato guitar glisterings, and a funky pocket that imbues the party time energy “Eifferl Tower” is winding down from.

The premier group featured on this blog, Inc. always inspires excitement and vibrant energy.  Download the tracks and stop by their website, as well as Francis and the Lights.


P-Dena Funk

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SO MUCH FUNK and family popping off with this one, where to begin?

Steven Arrington, legendary composer, drummer, and vocalist known mostly for his work with the 70s/80s group Slave, has teamed up with Pasadena godfather of future funk Dâm-Funk for a new album to be released this summer on Stones Throw Records.

You can purchase the Goin’ Hard 12″ at the Stones Throw store.

The first single, “Goin’ Hard” is gushy with G-funk sauciness, thick with bass as viscous as honey and glistening West Coast synths shimmering like a sunset on the Pacific ocean.  The track makes you wanna grimace in ecstasy at its full-toned funk, hitting you “down in the trenches” to get those hip gears gyrating on the dance floor.

Not to be forgotten are Andrew and Daniel Aged of the LA group Inc., previously documented by jazner here, who have performed in sessions alongside both Arrington and Dâm-Funk, which can be viewed in the video below.  Staffers are working diligently to find if the Aged brothers had any involvement in the production of the upcoming Arrington album, as well as if Inc. has any new recordings to be released this summer.  Stay posted.

Enjoy the new cut “Goin’ Hard”, as well as this classic Arrington jam that has such a complex beat you might fight your knees buckling to the floor.  Don’t fret, it’s supposed to get you “Weak At The Knees”.

Goin’ Hard

Update – Teen Inc. Grows Up

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ALMOST A WEEK ago, jazner wrote about a cutting-edge retro indie funk outfit about to breakthrough from the underground named Teen Inc.

It seems that within that time frame the group hit a growth spurt, losing the ‘Teen’ from its moniker and simply going with Inc.
Inc. has just dropped “A Usual Thang”, a fresh video ready to be gobbled up by your eardrums that melds “Special Tensions” and “Fountains.”

Listen to the filthy slap bass line of Daniel Aged pulling and guiding the song with its heavy undertow.

Lemar sets the groove in a pocket, infusing the rhythmic beat that makes the jam pop off.

Sam’s blaring sax gives it soul, creating the seamless transition from the two tracks. His wonky synth chops stoke the soulful fire even more, wailing in classic ’80s sizzle.

Sir Michael’s rhythm guitar pushes the tunes, keeping the audience on their toes.

And Andrew Aged’s singing and lead guitar round out Inc. with the sexy, hip, night-life glamor that energizes the group with a vibrant luminosity.

“A Usual Thang” is the calm before the storm as Inc. appears to be percolating in anticipation for the drop of a full length. Look for a winter/spring funky release of some bone rattling beats that leave hips on swivels.