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Pursuit Mix 3

(via Boiler Room)

THE FIRST RELEASE of 2012 on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint comes from legendary Detroit techno producer Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, working under his Da Sampla guise to bring us West Side Sessions.

Boiler Room, which just made its LA debut with the Stones Throw family manning the decks, has made Shake’s first track, “Pursuit Mix 3”, available for stream, a bludgeoning deep techno banger primed for a warehouse near you.

Although a definitive release date has yet to be set, there are some details available for West Side Sessions. The packages includes a 12″ and 7″, with two locked grooves and a Kyle Hall via KMFH remix.

Super excited for this one, peep the stream and the tracklist below.

A1. Pursuit Mix 3
A2. Pursuit Mix 2
B1. Over
B2. Track 4
C1. GJ
C2. GJ Locked Groove
D2.FRCT BEAT#6Locked Groove


The Techno Model

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EARLIER THIS MONTH, Burial emerged from the enigma to remind his pitch-shifting disciples who really runs the game. Today, Detroit godfather Juan Atkins dusts off his Model 500 moniker to bring us the Control 12″ on R&S Records, proving that techno heads around the world still take their cues from the Motor City.

Dark machinations, mechanical undertows and robotic tweaks grind throughout Control.

The A-side is an ode to the truest of OG electronic musicians, Kraftwerk, with an ominous, computerized vocal track weaving in and out of a high-octane bass force and digital blips. The B-side, “The Messenger”, is a sultry cut fit for a lunar beach party in the year 3000.

Hop over to the R&S shop to grab you copy of Control.

Detroit Faith

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Faith (UK Radio Rip)

AUTUMN MEANS HARVEST time, and one of the major scores this Crop-tober is the single-sided white 7″ from Jay Simon, “Faith”, off Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint.

Gushing with soul and swinging R&B energy, “Faith” is a forceful journey of lament and frustration masked by an undeniable groove.  Swooning female vocals counter a thrusting drum beat and thrumming guitar, giving “Faith” a powerful and crisp appeal easy to keep on repeat. 

Most distributors are sold out of this one, but you can find a copy at Discogs and other corners of the internet.  Highly recommended!

Piece On Peace

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ADVERSITY TAKES MANY forms, challenging different peoples in different ways to dig deep, get creative and power through their problem using whatever means they’ve got.

London and Detroit, two distinct cities with decidedly disparate economic, cultural, and historical realities, share a rich musical tradition that has carried each community in times of crises, present and past.

The recent riots in London illustrated the darker side of the human condition, with heartless violence, gluttonous looting, blind muggings, and mob destruction running rampant in the streets for nearly a week.

But the video for “Mind”, top, by Fatima and Floating Points off their Follow You EP, offers a brighter picture of life across the pond, a stark contrast from the endless riot footage that was passed around ad nauseam in the media.

Fatima, a beautiful and confident woman brimming with positivity, shines her smiles upon the city street as she strolls through the marketplace, accompanied by Floating Points’ light, jazzy Rhodes rifts, balmy bass and soulful drum kicks.

Peaceful, hopeful, and carefree, Fatima contributes her tremendous vocal skills to bettering her community and lends a constructive and stable voice to a city in flux.

Pair “Mind” with Resident Adviser’s Real Scenes: Detroit documentary, above, and one will see the transcendent power of music in full.

Real Scenes has an incredible soundtrack, with tracks from Scott Grooves, Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, and many other greats leading a sonic tour through one of electronic music’s most hallowed cities.

While Detroit’s landscape and infrastructure may appear post-apocalyptic, the electronic soundscape is flourishing and thriving, providing an outlet for young artists and fans to escape and find solace in music.

No matter how hard things may get, one can never give up and lose hope.  The human spirit is infinitely stronger than any material, authoritative, or economic obstacles standing in the way, and music is the wing that can carry us over the hurdle.

There will always be a place and energy for young people to unite and shake their butts in unison.  So before you pick up that rock, rob that store, or lose all hope in your community, pick up the stylus and take a record for a spin, see if you can channel your energy through rhythm rather than destruction.