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Eglo Monday

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Fatima & Funkineven – “Phoneline” (Rinse FM Rip)

IT’S BEEN A minute since we’ve checked in with one of our favorite crews in Eglo Records, and this weekend brought a double serving featuring the core members in some great new projects.

The first track comes from label head Floating Points, who teamed up with The Invisible to produce this remix for “Wings” off their Rispah LP available now on Ninja Tune. You can stream “Wings (Floating Points Remix)” in its legitimate entirety over at The Guardian.

Although not released under Eglo proper, this Floating Points remix has all the signs of Mr. Shepherd, with a balance of windy melodies, ambient grooves and jazz swings mixed into mellow dub perfect for the afternoon lounge.

The next track, “Phoneline”, ripped from a Hyperdub takeover of Rinse FM, is the first peek into a new collaboration between Fatima and Funkineven. The two have worked together before, mainly on Fatima’s 2010 Mindtravelin’ EP, and you know we excited to hear what the two have in store for the rest of the year.

Stay up to date with the most current Eglo news over at their site, where you can also hear a new track from their latest signee, Strange U. And for those in NYC, you lucky bastards (not jealous, or anything) have the chance to catch Floating Points live in a rare US performance at MoMA’s PS1 Warm Up, more on that here.


In The Shadow

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HAVING LONG SINCE cemented his spot on the Best Of 2011 list as one of the most innovative producers hustling right now, Floating Points (Sam Shepherd) and the Eglo crew continue to make jazner geek out, dropping massive news today of an upcoming 5 track Shadow EP to be released November 21st.

Welcoming the news is a video premiere for “Sais”, which features an audio/visual technique developed by Shepherd and longtime friend/collaborator Will Hurt that was first unleashed at the Animal Collective curated ATP.

The video for “Sais”, an alternative take to the single-sided 10″ dub version that saw a limited record store day release and was featured on Four Tet’s Fabriclive 59 mix, uses drum machines, samplers and synthesizers controlled by a sequencer to create real-time, one of a kind visualizations for the music being played.

The track itself moves away from the grimy, bass driven thrust of the dub version, opting instead for silky Rhodes vibrations and soothing tones that recall Floating Points and Fatima’s collaborative Follow You EP.

Can’t wait til the 21st?  Neither can jazner.  Take a peek at the Shadow EP preview below.

Shadow EP Sampler

Welcome Party

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BOOM BLAP BOOGIE celebrating the debut of Eglo Record’s website, where all sorts of treats, sneak peaks and beats are now available online from the UK family that features Floating Points, Fatima, Alexander Nut, and many more fresh and funky friends.

Ringing in their online presence is a free download present from Funkineven and Fatima entitled “Yellow Sound”, a mellow gold jam that journeys through all the colors of the rainbow for a ROY G BIV ride of radiance and filthy funk primed to set the dance-floor ablaze in luminescence.

Download “Yellow Sound” here.

Eglo is always On Notice here at jazner headquarters, and it’s great to see the crew alive and vibin on their personalized site.  Always positive, bright and alternative, Eglo pumps beats that don’t know the meaning of ‘shelf life’.  Stay posted for more jamz to come.

Piece On Peace

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ADVERSITY TAKES MANY forms, challenging different peoples in different ways to dig deep, get creative and power through their problem using whatever means they’ve got.

London and Detroit, two distinct cities with decidedly disparate economic, cultural, and historical realities, share a rich musical tradition that has carried each community in times of crises, present and past.

The recent riots in London illustrated the darker side of the human condition, with heartless violence, gluttonous looting, blind muggings, and mob destruction running rampant in the streets for nearly a week.

But the video for “Mind”, top, by Fatima and Floating Points off their Follow You EP, offers a brighter picture of life across the pond, a stark contrast from the endless riot footage that was passed around ad nauseam in the media.

Fatima, a beautiful and confident woman brimming with positivity, shines her smiles upon the city street as she strolls through the marketplace, accompanied by Floating Points’ light, jazzy Rhodes rifts, balmy bass and soulful drum kicks.

Peaceful, hopeful, and carefree, Fatima contributes her tremendous vocal skills to bettering her community and lends a constructive and stable voice to a city in flux.

Pair “Mind” with Resident Adviser’s Real Scenes: Detroit documentary, above, and one will see the transcendent power of music in full.

Real Scenes has an incredible soundtrack, with tracks from Scott Grooves, Mike Huckaby, Kyle Hall, and many other greats leading a sonic tour through one of electronic music’s most hallowed cities.

While Detroit’s landscape and infrastructure may appear post-apocalyptic, the electronic soundscape is flourishing and thriving, providing an outlet for young artists and fans to escape and find solace in music.

No matter how hard things may get, one can never give up and lose hope.  The human spirit is infinitely stronger than any material, authoritative, or economic obstacles standing in the way, and music is the wing that can carry us over the hurdle.

There will always be a place and energy for young people to unite and shake their butts in unison.  So before you pick up that rock, rob that store, or lose all hope in your community, pick up the stylus and take a record for a spin, see if you can channel your energy through rhythm rather than destruction.

Grounded In Floating Points

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LIKE A CONSTELLATION setting a starry backdrop for the throngs of midnight romances dancing beneath its mystic glow, Sam Shephered has been lighting it up as Floating Points, releasing a barrage of alluring EPs and singles as producer and co-founder of London’s elusive Eglo Records.

Unafraid to take it down a notch, Floating Points resides in a vampish 100 BPM lair, unwrapping seductive beats that make you wanna grab your mate and put those bedroom eyes on.  There is a dark steaminess hovering above each track, an unobtrusive approach that doesn’t try to beat you into dubmission with bludgeoning theatrics, but rather provides an alternative angle to electronic tropes through a climatic assemblage of minimal, downtempo grooves.

Floating Points’ most recent release is a two song EP, Frauxz, which features “Marilyn” alongside the title track.  “Marilyn” is a sassy face scruncher pucker-upper, a downtempo funky four on the floor magic carpet ride parading through fireworks of woozy neon synths exploding all around in perilous pleasure to help you get your grind on.

A recent trip to Amoeba Hollywood married jazner and Floating Points’ UK Record Store Day 10″, “Sais (Dub)”, in what looks to be an eternal bond of happiness.  “Sais (Dub)” is structured around a balmy, humid 808 bass that sticks to the bones, paired with a relentless torrent of dubious drum dats, sleaking shadily under shadows like a creeper in the night.  Ambient diamond clangs filter in and out, opening up to a blissful, subdued synth break that provides a respite to counteract the gritty grunts of this grimy gem.

Floating Points also teamed up with fellow Eglo resident and intrepid vocalist Fatima on the Follow You EP, continuing their narrative of alternative electronic music while ratcheting up the heat for some intimate sonic explorations.  Old School hip-hop drum tracks counter fragile organ synth melodies, building an ethereal house sound that sends gaggles of goosebumps up and down the body.  Check out the video for “Innervision” in a previous post, or listen to “Mind” below, with its staccato synth dottings and Fatima’s powerful musings.

Floating Points is taking the game in a different direction, and jazner is down for the ride.  Listen to the tracks and if you’re lucky enough to be in London right now, check out Eglo’s Plastic People event every last Saturday of the month.  Jealous: yes.


Sais (Dub)

Mind (Fatima + Floating Points)

Velvet Lounge

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DRIFTING THROUGH THE silky speakers at the jazner lounge tonight is “Innervision”, a downtempo soulful groove smoothed out by Fatima and poised to drop on her new EP Follow You off Eglo later next week .

The mastermind behind the subtle, sexual beat is Floating Points, pumping out a full-bodied 808 and a velvet rhythm that melts like hot fudge on ice cream.

“Innervision” is sleek like a raven’s feather, drawing out laterally with a wingspan set for a late night flight to the center of soul.

Keep your eyes peeled for Follow You at your local record shoppe.