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The Techno Model

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , , on February 22, 2012 by jazner

EARLIER THIS MONTH, Burial emerged from the enigma to remind his pitch-shifting disciples who really runs the game. Today, Detroit godfather Juan Atkins dusts off his Model 500 moniker to bring us the Control 12″ on R&S Records, proving that techno heads around the world still take their cues from the Motor City.

Dark machinations, mechanical undertows and robotic tweaks grind throughout Control.

The A-side is an ode to the truest of OG electronic musicians, Kraftwerk, with an ominous, computerized vocal track weaving in and out of a high-octane bass force and digital blips. The B-side, “The Messenger”, is a sultry cut fit for a lunar beach party in the year 3000.

Hop over to the R&S shop to grab you copy of Control.