DJ jazner’s Jam of the Night

AS IF A “Footcrab” wasn’t seductive enough.

Addison Groove dropped his “Work It/Sexual” 12″ off Swamp 81, turning up the heat with some filthy juke jams that grease up the dance floor for a night of vampish foolery.

“Sexual” is especially banging, grinding hard on the 808 while alleviating with the caress of a Detroit Techno-like synth wave.  The  juke rhythm sets the mood to help you show off that colorful footwork plumage that’ll impress all the crushes you’ve made throughout the night.

Addison Groove, also known as Headhunter, was one of jazner‘s favorite artists sampled on Kode9’s DJ KiCKS LP, getting silly with the bass and walloping your speakers with dirty wonks and womps.

If you’re craving seconds, check out “Work It” for some pulsing 80s techno and hyperactive galactic effects.


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