DJ jazner’s Jam Of The Day

THIS ONE GOES out to Sister Rose out in Dena, who’s sick with the flu and needs a jazner jam pick-me-up.  Hope this one cures what ails ya! Love you ❤

Our artista today is Marcelo D2, the Caroica outta Rio de Janeiro who spits Português flows hard enough to slap the porra right out of you.  “Desabafar”, translated as ‘to vent, i.e. emotions’ and off the album A Arte Do Barulho, dips into Brazilian past, sampling Cláudia’s “Deixa Eu Dizer (Let Me Speak).  Both tracks are fueled by the fire of frustration and lack of a voice, one of the romantic type, the other in a political context. Yet both come out swinging with enough passion and intensity that’ll get your night rolling right. Bust out the dictionary and turn it up, porque o mundo vai sacudir!!!


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