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Halloween Acid

Posted in On Notice with tags , , , on October 30, 2012 by jazner

ACID ACID ACID. FunkinEven has been atop the game for a minute, helping to champion the 303 with such classics as “Roland’s Jam” and “She’s Acid” as both a regular member of the Eglo family as well as starting his own imprint, Apron.

Here to celebrate Halloween, FunkinEven brings us “Cha” b /w “Dracula” which will see a limited vinyl release on All Hallow’s Eve through Apron.

The video for “Dracula”, directed by Hiroo Tanaka aka Inumikaku, features our man FunkinEven creeping through the streets as Nosferatu, shrouded in red, fiending for the blood of a woman, and blanketed by that signature acid sound.



Eglo Monday

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Fatima & Funkineven – “Phoneline” (Rinse FM Rip)

IT’S BEEN A minute since we’ve checked in with one of our favorite crews in Eglo Records, and this weekend brought a double serving featuring the core members in some great new projects.

The first track comes from label head Floating Points, who teamed up with The Invisible to produce this remix for “Wings” off their Rispah LP available now on Ninja Tune. You can stream “Wings (Floating Points Remix)” in its legitimate entirety over at The Guardian.

Although not released under Eglo proper, this Floating Points remix has all the signs of Mr. Shepherd, with a balance of windy melodies, ambient grooves and jazz swings mixed into mellow dub perfect for the afternoon lounge.

The next track, “Phoneline”, ripped from a Hyperdub takeover of Rinse FM, is the first peek into a new collaboration between Fatima and Funkineven. The two have worked together before, mainly on Fatima’s 2010 Mindtravelin’ EP, and you know we excited to hear what the two have in store for the rest of the year.

Stay up to date with the most current Eglo news over at their site, where you can also hear a new track from their latest signee, Strange U. And for those in NYC, you lucky bastards (not jealous, or anything) have the chance to catch Floating Points live in a rare US performance at MoMA’s PS1 Warm Up, more on that here.

Acid Flashback

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TAKE A DAB of the singeing 303 acid tab served up by Funkineven, who invites you to tune in, turn on, and wile out to the first release off his Apron imprint, the three track Apron EP.

Electric, volatile shock waves of radioactive blips and blurps sting throughout the Apron EP.

The anxious bubbling of “Beat Crash” foreshadows a nuclear meltdown of acid synths and warehouse booming drums, sending you on a flashback ride to early 90s UK rave culture.

Beat Crash (Radio Rip)


A burgeoning, aggressive synth track and brazen bass line hold control over “Fuck Off”, casting squeamish listeners aside with reckless abandon and a DGAF attitude.

Fuck Off (Snippet)

“Iron Cloud” takes the wicked schizo energy of Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam“, released earlier this year on Eglo, and tames it a bit, calming it down and smoothing it out, but still maintaining his signature acid sheen.

Iron Cloud (Snippet)

Act quickly if you wanna cop this one, only 500 vinyl copies pressed.

Welcome Party

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BOOM BLAP BOOGIE celebrating the debut of Eglo Record’s website, where all sorts of treats, sneak peaks and beats are now available online from the UK family that features Floating Points, Fatima, Alexander Nut, and many more fresh and funky friends.

Ringing in their online presence is a free download present from Funkineven and Fatima entitled “Yellow Sound”, a mellow gold jam that journeys through all the colors of the rainbow for a ROY G BIV ride of radiance and filthy funk primed to set the dance-floor ablaze in luminescence.

Download “Yellow Sound” here.

Eglo is always On Notice here at jazner headquarters, and it’s great to see the crew alive and vibin on their personalized site.  Always positive, bright and alternative, Eglo pumps beats that don’t know the meaning of ‘shelf life’.  Stay posted for more jamz to come.

Eglo Summer Peeks

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AIR (E)MAILED DIRECT from London by Alex Nut, co-founder of Eglo Records alongside Floating Points and head of promotion for All Young Kings, are two new cuts off the label for the summer, Mizz Beats’ “Pimpin” and Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam”.

“Pimpin” adds to the growing catalog of Eglo releases for Mizz Beats, whose Are We The Dictators? EP proved her propensity for dropping bass clobbers and bit chip bombs.  The track unfurls with a gooey, elastic synth ooze, opening to a Latin house drum track heavy on the conga blats.  Trilling strings weep for a somber 70s soulful touch, making “Pimpin” an intimate groove with undertones of a yearning heartache.  Check it out on Boomkat or below.

Funkineven’s “Rolands Jam” fires from the other side of the electronic spectrum, pummeling speaker boxes with acid rain synth drops and a retro 80s drum machine robotic beat.  Mesmerizing and amplifying, unapologetic and volatile, “Rolands Jam” is set to ravage summer sets as part of three song EP to be released in July.  Take a listen below.

Eglo is top of the list of labels on notice for 2011.  Alex Nut and Floating Points are brewing special concoctions across the pond.  Stay tuned for more.